100 Organic Gluten-free Party Foods - Appetisers/Canapés

29th September, 2017: - I've decided to set myself a challenge and I'm giving myself two months to complete it. I'm hoping that these recipes will have a broad appeal because they are all delicious, festive, gluten-free options everyone can enjoy and although I'm presenting them here in micro-versions, they are actually all main meals, supper dishes or full desserts.

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HOT SAVOURIES (Can also be eaten cold!)




Mini Blini Burger Organic and Gluten-free recipes

Cranachan Scottish Dessert Gluten-free Organic recipes

The choice of gluten-free ingredients is often associated with allergy and food intolerance but it can also be an everyday choice for those who can tolerate gluten but enjoy new taste sensations. Most importantly, I'm setting out to prove that gluten-free organic food can be delicious, colourful, frivolous and fun!

Why Gluten-free Party Food?

Gluten free and organic picnic recipes
Although not totally gluten-free ourselves, we do have close family members who are and it is around festivities and party times that catering for us as a group becomes very challenging. My Aunt's yearly visits, often involving picnic parties have inspired me to think more about gluten-free recipes. It was her mentioning that gluten-free party ideas were very limited that spurred me on. I've set myself a time limit of Thanksgiving, which gives me two months to get it all on 'paper' and taste tested, which should be fun!

Goeffus fresh from SardiniaI've chosen not so much to present gluten-free versions of recipes but rather to take my inspiration from traditional foods, including from several countries and/or regions where gluten-free foods are just an integral part of the culture. The Goeffus (pictured right), for example are the traditional festive almond meal-based sweets/cakes from the Island of Sardinia.

Colourful Not Catastrophic

Rose de Rescht - organic and gluten-free recipes
From my experience the real problem for those who are gluten intolerant occurs when they eat out or are invited out.  It can be daunting as a guest to point out, even to friends and relatives, the full spectrum of specific food intolerances and not everyone is cognizant of the very real problems with colourful party foods.  I've eaten out and passed out within a couple of hours of consuming a food additive, specifically an artificial red food dye, funnily enough twice at the same neighbours'!  For me however, it is over and done within a few hours but for others the symptoms can linger on for weeks.

People with coeliac should also check out Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency, which with certain triggers such as broad aka fava beans or the aforementioned artificial food colours, in particular the colour blue, can cause the premature breakdown of red blood cells.

To this end I will also be including along the way some ideas for natural colours and décor from fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Foreword on the Ingredients

The ingredients used are, as in all my recipes, 100% organic. This can be particularly important for those allergic to gluten, as there is a school of thought that believes it is the intolerance to pesticide levels within the wheat, that is also at issue. These are both the natural pesticides (such as those engineered into modern hybrids of wheat at a higher level than the grain's normal defence mechanism) and the applied synthetic ones.

I buy ingredients loose and in bulk, it works out a lot cheaper, we are lucky here in that we have an organic shop which sells local basic ingredients directly from dispensers, so you can buy as much or as little as you need. As a member of the Amazon Associate program, where appropriate I have also linked to where these gluten-free organics can be found online.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Simply Organic Recipes
Many of the salad ingredients are also very easy to grow from seed and in a small space, particularly if you choose ones where several parts of the plants are edible, such as arugula/rocket or nasturtium. This means that through all stages of the plant's life and over many months of the year it is producing something edible, both these plants also self-seed, so you can have new 'offspring' coming up with leaves to eat as the mother plant is still producing flowers! You can also save money by making your own organic vinegars. I will be posting two ways to make raw apple cider vinegar in the next few days and also a recipe for home-made mayonnaise.

..that said.... LET'S PARTY

Gluten Free Party Recipes (I will be adding to them daily over the next two months)

©  Sue Cross 2017

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