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Welcome to Simply Organic Recipes - What's on the Menu?

This is just the beginning, as the site expands it will have more categories and subsections. At the present moment the headings below are: Main Course, Puddings, Pies and Tarts, Cakes and Biscuits, Preserving Food, Foraged Food and Beauty & Hygiene. Gluten-free recipes are marked in each section. Just below you will find my most recently posted recipe:


An Organic Twelfth Night Cake for Candlemas thru' February and How They Pinched Your Christmas

Before the invention of the printing press we had architecture to tell us the stories of our past Victor Hugo, in his novel Notre Dame de Paris, wrote eloquently of these 'stone books' but he was perhaps neither a gardener nor a more

Quality organic home-grown, home-raised ingredients are the stars here. I like to buy as little as possible and when I do it is either from an organic shop with a mission statement posted on its front-door or directly from a local organic farm. We cook on a clean-burn Italian wood-cooker, using untreated free pallet wood off-cuts as fuel.

Our idea of shopping.

At the cheese counter.

Bulk buying potatoes.


Caciatelli or Casciatelli molisani, oven-baked ravioliCaciatelli or Casciatelli molisani  Oven-baked ravioli

This dish is marvellously versatile, it comes originally from the Abruzzo and Molise regions of south-central more

Gâteaux de crêpes, Torta di Crispelle, Pancake Gâteaux

An impressive looking dish, of anything from 8 to 20 pancake layers, savoury or sweet, hot or cold and delicious with sweet potato more

Seaweedless Sushi - Grow your own wraps - GLUTEN-FREE

Sushi is an elegant and nutritious dish any time of the year but as a Summer lunch eaten outdoors with produce fresh from the garden... read more

Kartoffelpuffer German Potato Pancakes GLUTEN-FREE

When I was a child one of our favourite Winter supper dishes was poached egg with potato cakes. Later more

Chickpea pancake (Pudla) with Parma ham GLUTEN-FREE

A delicious Indian classic meets the chic Italian delicacy, our take on this bread alternative for lunch, main course, snack or supper more

Flammekueche, Flammkuchen, Tarte flambée, Alsation pizza

Alsace, known for its crisp white wines, beautiful architecture and nesting storks is also famous for its distinctive and delicious more

Croque-monsieur, fancy hot ham and cheese sandwich GLUTEN-FREE

Croque-monsieur is a snack you can get in a bar, bistro outside the regulation times for eating lunch in more

The Ultimate Slow Food of Gascony - Cassoulet de Castelnaudary

Every culture has a dish which, since time begun, has been at its very heart and is usually a great peasant more


Stop Go Soup - A raw & cooked meal in a bowl. Gluten Free

I've always liked the concept of soup and salad, hot, cold, cooked, raw and smoothly blended juxtaposed to chunky and crisp. Plus a gluten free flatbread more


Clafoutis aux prunes - Plum batter pudding.GLUTEN-FREE

A clafoutis [pr. klafuti] is essentially a fruit tart without pastry, which comes from the Limousin region of more

Clafoutis with foraged fruits. GLUTEN-FREE

Another idea for this delicious tart, this time ushering in the foraging season with blackberries, rosehips and more

Traditional Plum Pudding - John Bull's Own GLUTEN-FREE

A Victorian pudding recipe from 1865, which we have every year. This version was especially for my family in more

Traditional Plum Pudding from 1865

The roots of the plum pudding go back into the mists of time to a Celtic end-of-year celebration dish called 'plum porridge' more 

Old English 'Mincemeat' tart or God-cake GLUTEN-FREE

For this version left, I used a gluten-free flour, the trick with this is not to skimp on the butter more

Coventry God-cake or kitchel - dried fruit tart

Pudding by candlelight, a traditional gift of a rich dried fruit, spice, butter, apple and wine/spirit pastry, which was given at Candlemas but is so good eaten any time of the more

Strawberry Bread and Butter Pudding

Strawberry bread and butter pudding is an experiment and a variation on the theme of the classic, simple country dish, which I loved as a child.To me will always mean that Autumn is on the more

Tarte Tatin a dessert born of a culinary disaster

Tarte Tatin is one of the many joys of Autumn. It's a caramelised fruit tart and I find it at its best when made of a mixture of varieties of apple and it's the quintessential windfall more

18th Century Elegant Whipped Syllabub  GLUTEN-FREE

Ironically syllabub started life not as a classy dessert but as a more

A Taste of Scotland Caledonian Cream - Easy Festive Dessert - GLUTEN-FREE

Long associated with Burns' Night, often on wedding breakfast menus and a firm favourite of Queen Victoria's Christmas fare at more

Tarte au Citron - The Iconic French Lemon Pie

In no other French tart does the quality and simplicity of the raw organic materials shine more

Raw Dairy Raspberry Trifle

With its exact origins lost in the mist of time, Trifle like its close cousin syllabub, seems to have evolved from a drink, which was often used to treat ailments such as colds and chills and was known under the collective title of more


Kedgeree, khicṛī, khicaṛī, from Hindi rice dish to British fish recipe. GLUTEN-FREE

Breakfast like a rajah with this delicious Anglo Indian dish. A most economical way to get all the flavour of quality organic or ethically caught wild more

Crabe à la Riseholme - Spider crabs in a rich cream sauce

Lobster à la Riseholme, the secret  recipe, ostensibly obtained by E.F. Benson's Lucia's Aunt in Normandie. I'm an Aunt in more


An Organic Twelfth Night Cake and How They Pinched Your Christmas

Before the invention of the printing press we had architecture to tell us the stories of our past  Victor Hugo, in his novel Notre Dame de Paris, wrote eloquently of these 'stone books' more

Organic Almond Paste & Icing From Scratch

The big problem I used to have with making large celebration fruit cakes is that the cost of decorating them with the traditional more

Raw organic goats' cheese and organic oatcakes
Scottish oatcakes, breakfast and cheese biscuit GLUTEN-FREE

'Oats n.s. [aten, Saxon.] A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.'... read more

Oatcake farls and potato cakes, flatbreads for all occasions GLUTEN-FREE

Two delicious flatbread recipes for a elegant snack or a sumptuous meal... read more

Courgette Zucchini Cake

I first made this some years ago for a village supper and asked everyone to guess what was in more


How to grow your own turmeric & ginger for food and medicine

Turmeric and ginger, two amazingly versatile and valuable spices, used for thousands of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic more

Simple Home-made,  anti -bacterial and pain-killing wash for wounds

Using two of the easiest to source organic essential oils, I share what happened after Andy said; 'watch that blade it's just been sharpened' more


How to freeze raw grass-fed milk and cream GLUTEN-FREE

All milk is not the same, even if it is raw, organic and grass-fed and when you can get the best, you want to hang on to every last more

How to crystallise ginger for cookery & cures GLUTEN-FREE

This year we grew ginger root in our greenhouse for the first time, it made metre high lily type stems. I started it inside the house in a glass of more

Home-made candied peels for cookery & sweets GLUTEN-FREE

Delicious home-made economical sweets from something you might have thrown more  

Marmalade - Seville orange and mixed citrus GLUTEN-FREE

Brought from the wondrous gardens of Persia, celebrated in verse and prized for their virtues in Medicine and Perfumery, more  

How to freeze eggs, so you can use them in all your favourite recipes GLUTEN-FREE

Next time your hens present you with an embarrassment of riches don't worry, stay cool, put them on more

How to freeze tomatoes for Winter salads and hot dishes - Oven-dried tomato recipe GLUTEN-FREE

This method is particularly useful for those rather tasteless tomatoes, which are full of water and not much more


A new way to roast chestnuts

The most famous area in France for chestnuts is the Ardèche but in fact here in rural Normandie sweet chestnut trees border many fields and road more


Home-made Organic toothpaste. Old Swiss teeth whitening recipe 

An element some people ignore, although choosing to eat organic food, is that they are not only what they eat but also what they put on their skin and use to clean their more

Ridiculously simple organic roll-on deodorant recipe.

The smell involved in sweating, is not the sweat itself but the breakdown of the latter by the action of bacteria on the skin, using coconut oil allows you to sweat normally but without the more