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Quality organic home-grown, home-raised ingredients are the stars here. I like to buy as little as possible and when I do it is either from an organic shop with a mission statement posted on its front-door or directly from a local organic farm. We cook on a clean-burn Italian wood-cooker, using untreated free pallet wood off-cuts as fuel.

Our idea of shopping.

At the cheese counter.

Bulk buying potatoes.

This is just the beginning, as the site expands it will have more categories and subsections.

Gluten-free recipes are liberally sprinkled throughout this site and are marked in each section. In general I like to take my inspiration for these from cultures that use gluten-free as a natural choice, rather than try to amend traditional wheat and other grain-based dishes. The notable exceptions are in traditional festive fare, such as Christmas Pudding and Pies, where I have been obliged to come up with alternative ingredients for family parties. These are becoming more in demand year by year as increasing numbers of our family are cutting down on grains.

Just below you will find my most recently posted recipe:


Rich Vanilla Ice Cream - Victorian Recipe

The Victorians, including the Queen, had a very sweet tooth, so I've cut the amount of sugar in half. This is also because all the ingredients I'm using are organic and I find organic sugar much sweeter than conventional. Therefore, you may need to taste as you go along and add more sugar if necessary. However, if you are making additions to the recipe in the way of infusions, sauces, toppings and fruit, you may find that the sugar levels are fine...read more