Home-made Organic toothpaste. Old Swiss teeth whitening recipe 

An element some people ignore, although choosing to eat organic food, is that they are not only what they eat but also what they put on their skin and use to clean their more

Ridiculously simple organic roll-on deodorant recipe.

The smell involved in sweating, is not the sweat itself but the breakdown of the latter by the action of bacteria on the skin, using coconut oil allows you to sweat normally but without the more

Rose Hip Syrup - Good health from the forest garden.

I make rose hip syrup every year and as you can see I have a large amount of the raw material. The rosa rugosa roses in my garden are the easiest to use. I have to be quick though because these, large and luscious more

Rose Hip Syrup Part Two - Drink Recipes

In my previous article on making rose hip syrup I mentioned that I freeze it in ice cubes for making cocktails and other beverages. Here are a couple of recipes I find very refreshing, chock full of phytonutrients and redolent of Summer sunshine in the Winter more


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