Clafoutis aux prunes - Plum batter pudding.GLUTEN-FREE

A clafoutis [pr. klafuti] is essentially a fruit tart without pastry, which comes from the Limousin region of France...read more

Clafoutis with foraged fruits. GLUTEN-FREE

Another idea for this delicious tart, this time ushering in the foraging season with blackberries, rosehips and sloes...read more

Traditional Plum Pudding - John Bull's Own GLUTEN-FREE

A Victorian pudding recipe from 1865, which we have every year. This version was especially for my family in Scotland...read more

Traditional Plum Pudding from 1865

The roots of the plum pudding go back into the mists of time to a Celtic end-of-year celebration dish called 'plum porridge'...read more 

Old English 'Mincemeat' tart or God-cake GLUTEN-FREE

For this version left, I used a gluten-free flour, the trick with this is not to skimp on the butter otherwise...read more

Coventry God-cake or kitchel - dried fruit tart

Pudding by candlelight, a traditional gift of a rich dried fruit, spice, butter, apple and wine/spirit pastry, which was given at Candlemas but is so good eaten any time of the year....read more

Strawberry Bread and Butter Pudding

Strawberry bread and butter pudding is an experiment and a variation on the theme of the classic, simple country dish, which I loved as a child.To me will always mean that Autumn is on the way....read more

Tarte Tatin a dessert born of a culinary disaster

Tarte Tatin is one of the many joys of Autumn. It's a caramelised fruit tart and I find it at its best when made of a mixture of varieties of apple and it's the quintessential windfall user-upper...read more

18th Century Elegant Whipped Syllabub  GLUTEN-FREE

Ironically syllabub started life not as a classy dessert but as a drink...read more

A Taste of Scotland Caledonian Cream - Easy Festive Dessert - GLUTEN-FREE

Long associated with Burns' Night, often on wedding breakfast menus and a firm favourite of Queen Victoria's Christmas fare at Balmoral....read more

Tarte au Citron - The Iconic French Lemon Pie

In no other French tart does the quality and simplicity of the raw organic materials shine through....read more

Raw Dairy Raspberry Trifle

With its exact origins lost in the mist of time, Trifle like its close cousin syllabub, seems to have evolved from a drink, which was often used to treat ailments such as colds and chills and was known under the collective title of posset...read more

Chocolate Mousse - Elegant, Opulent, Easy & Makes A Superb Ice Cream. Gluten-Free

Chocolate mousse, like the equally ubiquitous apple pie and crème caramel is one of those simple recipes that rely totally on the quality of the basic ingredients. As such therefore, it is very well suited to showcasing the best and freshest of organic produce...read more

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