Mini Blini Burger Bite- Gluten-free

This is one of the rare recipes where I am making a sort of a gluten-free alternative, albeit not with gluten-free bread! The burger bun blini was one I thought up because more

Potato heart-shaped canapés à la provençale Gluten-free

This Mazagran  is one with a difference, for when I looked at making an à la provençale more

Prawn Kedgeree Stuffed Eggs - Gluten-free

Kedgeree makes a great breakfast or supper dish and with its beautiful rich colours would grace any buffet more

Devils on Horseback - Gluten-free

Nowadays served as an appetiser, this is a variation on the Victorian savoury Angels on Horseback itself a popular final dish served in a formal 19th more

Kartoffelpuffer With Fresh Fig & Prosciutto Di Parma - Gluten-free

Kartoffelpuffer aka German potato pancakes are used for both savoury and sweet toppings.  As a base for a gluten-free dish kartoffelpuffer are more

Baked Organic Quail Egg in a Nest - Gluten-free

A variant of a dish we used to eat regularly at home on the farm when I was a child. more

Sausage & Mash on a Stick - Gluten-free

A British traditional recipe on a stick. One of the Tavern dishes which was not pastry-based and is still a favourite pub meal more

Garbanzo, Chickpea, Basan Pancakes With Tzatzik - Gluten-free

A traditional Pudla, Gujarati chickpea pancake with a Greek meze. In this bite-sized version, crisped in the oven, the flavours are deliciously more

Individual Potato Pies à la Clamart -Gluten-free

I've been making these for years, unaware that they had an official French culinary more

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes à la Bonne Femme - Gluten-free

Stuffed tomatoes are a standard classic French pre-takeaway takeaway and interestingly are slow rather than fast food. Every traiteur and charcuterie has them more

Mini Potato Pies à l'Andalouse - Gluten-free

Another version of the filled potato pie. A l'Andalouse, a blaze of colour and with its spicy interior brings all the warmth of a Southern Summer back more

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