Cranachan Cream Crowdie. Gluten-Free

A traditional Scottish Harvest Home Celebration dessert, mini version in a tot or shot glass. Cranachan is a celebration of Scottish produce, here however with just a hint of the Caribbean. more

Ice Scream - Raw Milk Rich Vanilla Ice Cream Appetisers. Gluten-free

Inspired by a scene from the 1963 Horror Comedy Spoof The Raven with Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter  Lorre and a very young Jack Nicholson. We had such fun making more

Pistachio Stuffed Dates.  Gluten-free 

As well as being a festive  dish, this recipe for stuffed dates is also an accompaniment for mint tea a fragrant and typically Moroccan more

Cashew Stuffed Dates. Gluten-free Petits Fours

This time I'm using cashew nuts and marrying them with more

Caledonian Cream. Traditional Festive Scottish Desser. Gluten-Free

Caledonian cream, is associated with Burns' Night suppers, wedding breakfast menus and was a favourite of Queen Victoria's Christmas fare at more

Mediaeval Cider Syllabub Float. Gluten-Free

Since Mediaeval times and right up to the end of the 17th century syllabub was a drink rather than a dessert. It was also a love token more

Scottish Flummery Chocolate & Orange. Gluten-Free

From a lowly food of the poor to a complex festive Georgian centrepiece, more

Chocolate Roulade Layer Cakes with Chocolate Ganache. Gluten-free

A traditional luscious French flourless and fatless sponge or biscuit roulade, which here I've made into mini triple-layer cakes with home-made fresh apricot compote and chocolate more

Mini Pavlova- Gluten-Free

Named for the Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova. There is something rather wonderfully decadent in being able to eat one in just a few bites! more


Sometimes it's important, albeit a little crazy, to create a recipe which should be prefaced with the words 'difficult and finicky'. I'd seen photographs of more

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