An Organic Twelfth Night Cake and How They Pinched Your Christmas

Before the invention of the printing press we had architecture to tell us the stories of our past  Victor Hugo, in his novel Notre Dame de Paris, wrote eloquently of these 'stone books' more

Organic Almond Paste & Icing From Scratch

The big problem I used to have with making large celebration fruit cakes is that the cost of decorating them with the traditional more

Soul Cakes for Samhain 

In going out 'Souling', the children and adults of a village would visit the houses of the wealthiest families begging for soul cakes and in return offer to pray for the souls of departed relative They carried baskets in which to collect their booty and often wore masks and disguises. As no doubt more

Raw organic goats' cheese and organic oatcakes
Scottish oatcakes, breakfast and cheese biscuit GLUTEN-FREE

'Oats n.s. [aten, Saxon.] A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.'... read more

Oatcake farls and potato cakes, flatbreads for all occasions GLUTEN-FREE

Two delicious flatbread recipes for a elegant snack or a sumptuous meal... read more

Chelsea Buns - Bite into History

Cookery and recipes are all about people, not just about how and what they ate but how they lived, what they felt and how they amused themselves in their daily lives. The Chelsea Bun is no exception, it grew out of a time of  great upheaval and social change in which whole rural populations more


Five Grain Cheese Biscuits

The five in question being a blend of wheat, rye, rice, barley and oats and although we do not use these, as often suggested, for a breakfast cereal, we do find them absolutely delicious when made into cheese biscuits more

Courgette Zucchini Cake

I first made this some years ago for a village supper and asked everyone to guess what was in more

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