Simply Organic Recipes - An introduction to this blog

Cider syllabub, once a mediaeval drink, is now normally served as an elegant dessert. This one I made with a layer of medlar cream and topped with iced rose hip syrup. It is also featured in the blog title.

Syllabub might be the symbol for this blog.

Its ingredients, at first sight recherché are, apart from the sugar and the optional lemon and spice, foraged, local, home-grown and eaten in season.

It is made of few components and yet has an incredible depth of flavour.

The shop, from where I bought my produce has its mission statement pinned to the front door, so in buying them I am assured of the following:
Organic certification
No Genetically Modified Organisms
Humane treatment of farm animals
Fair wages for farm workers
Locally sourced food gets priority.

Syllabub is also an example of a gluten-free recipe as are the buckwheat blinis featured on the left. Although we are not gluten intolerant, I do like to limit the amount of wheat we consume. I will be including many organic gluten free recipes in this blog.

I do a lot of experimenting in my cookery and gardening. I like to have local food but that doesn't mean I can't try to grow some exotics in my own back yard. This year we grew sweet potato, turmeric and ginger. I'll be sharing tips on growing them, as they turn up in the recipes.

Of important consideration to most of us, is cost. Organic agriculture and horticulture often have parity in yields to intensive farming but are  more labour intensive and rarely subsidised. I'll be sharing where and how I buy organic food and how to grow and/or raise some of the more pricey ingredients. 

Finally, you don't have to have a recycled glass and pallet wood greenhouse like ours to grow some of the ingredients for your organic dishes. My Mother has a great indoor garden, producing a variety of organic winter salads and herbs on every single window sill of the house! They are harvested leaf by leaf for maximum yield.

I'll wish you bon appétit and hope to see you next time, Sue 

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© 2013 Sue Cross

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