Radish Sail Boats Laden with Ricotta - Gluten-free Beach Party

Contrary perhaps to perceived wisdom, that picnics are a warm weather event, that is unless you are thinking of hot coffee and sandwiches consumed in the car looking out on a troubled sea, there is nothing quite like a Winter picnic on the beach. Whilst others here in France are snoozing and sleeping off the previous night's feasting, on Christmas Day Andy and I have been known to walk down the 2 kilometres to the beach lugging a basket full of goodies. To this end I decided to make these tasty 'sail boats' as part of my gluten-free challenge and being light and juicy they are just the thing to eat on the hoof for a brisk walk along the shore.

Radish Sail Boats with Ricotta - Gluten-free Organic Recipe

Although I've seen photographs of stuffed round radish, I only had to look at these perfectly named variety 'Flamboyant' to think 'boat'. They are easy to eat despite looks, just pull out the stick, eat the sails and cockpit and then the boat and cargo, or vice versa. Unlike my previous offering this recipe is, quick, simple and easy to make and they use minimal ingredients and I hope you'll agree, for maximum impact. I served them at home on a mirror and also added a mother ship, leader of the fleet, in avocado, she carried more cargo and needed a spoon!

Radish & Avocado Sail Boats with Ricotta - Gluten-free Organic Recipe


(makes 20)

10 long radish
10 teaspoons of ricotta
5 black olives
10 cherry/cocktail tomatoes
2 large leaves of Batavia or similar frilly leaved lettuce
20 cocktail sticks

Radish Sail Boats - Ricotta Salad - Gluten-free Organic Recipe


Radish Sail Boats with Ricotta - Gluten-free Organic Appetiser Recipe
Cut each radish in half longways and remove a thin section of the  'hull' so she'll sit well on the water/mirror.

Load each of the decks with half a teaspoon of ricotta.

Cut sails from the lettuce leaves. Choose pieces with one edge cut near to the rib or in its general vicinity and where the leaf is crisper and will easily run up the mast.

Cut the olives into quarters and the tomatoes into halves.

Thread the sails onto the sticks. Add the black olive and tomato cockpit and leave enough stick to spear the hull.

Radish Sail Boats Appetiser - Gluten-free Organic Recipe

Appetiser - Radish Sail Boats Gluten-free Organic Recipe
Go to the beach and launch!


All that needs to be said now is Bon Appėtit!

Hope to see you here again for another recipe from my 100 Gluten-Free Organic Party Foods Challenge!

All the best,




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