Smoked salmon roulade with fromage de brebis and oven-dried tomatoes Gluten-free

I made two versions of this roulade, firstly using my favourite local organic goats' cheese, which is covered in cornflower petals and herbes de Provence. It was really tasty and rolled well into a classic roulade shape but it looked rather insignificant on the plate. I then made this second version, which is a lot more succulent, has even greater depth of flavour and more contrasting textures. The second version is thus much more substantial and therefore the individual canapés look good when plated. The only element I've lost is the classic roulade 'roll-up', as the salmon slices I used were only wide enough to wrap around the outside of the filling rather than be completely rolled up in it.  However, for overall taste and aesthetic, the latter version wins hands down.

smoked salmon roulade organic gluten-free recipe
I incorporated four layers, four different textures and four contrasting flavours by using the following:


Makes 14 to 18 individual canapés/appetisers dependent upon slicing widths

smoked salmon roulade wrap organic gluten-free recipe
60g (2oz) (2 slices) of Organic Smoked Salmon or if you are lucky enough to be able to get it, wild salmon!
50g (1¾oz) Fromage de brebis/ewes' milk cheese or similar well-flavoured soft cheese
Nasturtium leaves (for crunch and a peppery taste)
Oven-dried tomatoes*
For decoration - Lemon balm leaves
smoked salmon roulade oven dried tomatoes recipe

* I have an article on how to make these, link at bottom of page. For this dish I used the large Beefheart  variety and sliced them to a thickness of 1 cm (½") before oven-drying them. That way they were an ideal size and had great texture for this roulade.


smoked salmon appetiser gluten-free organic recipe
Lay a sheet of unbleached baking paper onto a flat surface, I'm using a bread board and place a slice of chilled smoke salmon upon it.

As you will observe, fish come in irregular shapes, so it may be necessary for you to exert 'Cook's Privilege'  and eat the final one of each slice! I did.
smoked salmon/sheep's cheese appetiser gluten-free organic recipe

Break up the cheese with a fork and gently smooth it over the fish.

Add a layer of nasturtium leaves.

smoked salmon appetiser gluten-free organic recipe

Place sections of oven-dried tomatoes on the top of the leaves.

Using the paper as a guide, roll up the roulade from the longer edge.

Press gently but firmly to join the two ends of the salmon together.

smoked salmon appetiser gluten-free organic recipe
Remove the paper and using the sharpest knife you have, slice into canapés. You may need to wipe the knife between cuts. Even if an individual appetiser comes slightly adrift (usually the first one) it is very easy to smooth it back into shape. 

Don't worry if the filling 'overflows' at the ends, it is easily remedied. This actually indicates that the edges are well sealed.

100 Appetisers gluten-free organic recipe - smoked salmon

Cut slivers of lemon balm leaf so that the decorative edges of the leaf are used to advantage.

smoked salmon appetiser gluten-free organic recipe
Serve immediately. If you are making this for serving later then I would store the uncut roulade in a fridge or similar and then cut it just before taking it to the table.


All that needs to be said now is Bon Appėtit!

Hope to see you here again for another recipe from my 100 Gluten-Free Organic Party Foods Challenge!

All the best,



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