Heart-shaped potato canapés with spicy tomato and anchovies. Open Mazagrans à la provençale

The  Mazagran I'm presenting here is one with a difference, for when I looked at making an à la provençale version, I thought it would be so pretty that I felt it would be a shame to cover it up with potato. So I've made it in the style of the Pissaladière, a typically Southern French pizza-style street food, which I first tasted in the monégasque tomato version in the market of Monte-Carlo, many years ago.

Heart-shaped spicy tomato tarts  organic gluten-free appetiser recipe

To make these I decided on the medium heart-shaped biscuit cutter from my newly purchased set.

Heart-shaped spicy tomato tarts  organic gluten-free appetiser recipe


Preheat the oven to 220°C or 425°F


(makes 16)

For the 'Pastry':

4 small to medium potatoes
A knob of butter
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Rice flour for dusting

For the Spicy Tomato Fondue:

4 medium  tomatoes - chopped
1 small red onion - chopped
1 small red (sweet) pepper  - chopped
2 chopped chillies - I used French varieties; 1 mild fresh Piment de Bresse and one small hot dried d'Espelette Pepper* (including some of the seeds)
1 clove of garlic - finely chopped
Salt and freshly ground pepper
* Piment d'Espelette is from the Basque country, which spans the borders of France and Spain and its cookery is hot, colourful and powerful. There is a link to one of its most famous dishes at the end of this article.

potato tarts à la provençale organic gluten-free appetiser recipe
à la provençale

8 halved black olives
4 salted anchovies (rinsed in water)
herbes de Provence


For the 'Pastry':

Boil the potatoes whole and in their skins until firm but cooked well enough so that  a fork will pierce them easily. Mash with a hand masher, thus avoiding any chance of the potato becoming 'gluey'. Add salt and pepper and the butter. Set aside to cool.

potato tarts à la provençale organic gluten-free appetiser recipe

For the Spicy Tomato Fondue:

I made more than I needed because I was going to use it as a base for other dishes. When using chillies I find it better to make sauces in larger quantities because otherwise the flavour can get overpowering. This fondue freezes very well.

Sauté the onions, chillies, pepper and garlic in butter in a heavy bottomed pan until they begin to soften. Add the tomatoes, season and then cook, stirring occasionally until the liquid is reduced and you have a thick tomato sauce. Remove from the heat and leave to cool. At this point I mash it up with a potato masher just to make it smoother and easier to spoon onto the potato.


heart-shaped potato tarts organic gluten-free recipe
Dust your pastry board and rolling pin with rice flour. Work with a handful of pastry at a time, it's easier that way. Roll it out and add more rice flour if the potato begins to stick to either the board or pin. Using a cutter of your choice, I liked the medium heart for this, cut out the 'pastry' shapes. When you have cut the first one and with the cutter still in place move it slightly from left to right. If it slides easily and the potato moves with it then the rice flour is doing its work. I was so happy to find this solution, as I tried first with potato flour and it was nowhere near as successful!

Place the shapes onto a buttered tray and once you have filled the tray put it in the oven for 5 minutes, after which the potato should feel slightly firm to the touch.

Place one teaspoonful of tomato fondue on each heart.

Split the anchovies and remove the backbone and fin (unless of course they are already filleted). Cut each fillet in half.

Place a piece of anchovy and half a black olive on each half and sprinkle with herbes de Provence or a similar favourite herb mix.

Potato tarts à la provençale organic gluten-free appetiser recipe

Cook in oven on the top shelf for a further 10 minutes but check after 5 minutes to make sure they are not cooking too quickly, if they are, move the tray down to the next level.

Serve warm.


All that needs to be said now is Bon Appėtit!

Hope to see you here again for another recipe from my 100 Gluten-Free Organic Party Foods Challenge!

All the best,



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